a player is always a player3-15-09

a player is always a player .player who cheats and hurt the person's feelings. how could you forgive something so unreal?

love is when you don't mess around and playing games. a player who doesn't love you. can a player changes? it depends..

that's why i hate players. players who breaks hearts. players who tell lies. they don't even know what real love is until they have found the

right one. players are not worth it…players has their egos and don't know how to love themselves. if you're single and a player, you don't

ask someone to be your girlfriend/boyfriend. you have to play the field. women and men, it doesn't matter. you have to play by the rules. love is not a game.

love never was a game to play. i don't like when players who gave me pain and so much hurt on the inside..even when i fall for such a lie. i have to be real more careful when i'm dealing with secret players. players don't tell you they are players.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Kai!

Kai C. said...


Devika said...

Well, in the land of players be a fine player -thats my policy Kai dear...

"players don't tell you they are players." --

But I can make out players -- just a move is enough---But then Kai dear, i believe players don't play with all!

But then a real lover loves all...That's our God Sri Krishna...but unfortunately he ultimately gives pain to all! :)

Love -- the reasons of which are beyond the reason that mind can fathom! :)

don't think about love too much; just love :)

Its only when love is selfish, all this pain and hurt matters! :)

i just wrote what all came to my mind :)


Anonymous said...

Kai...are you telling me that your guy was a player....??

o nooooo