I do not believe in ghosts. I believe in God ad love, but not ghosts. They are not real. Some people think they saw a real ghost. They said a ghost would not harm you unless you harm him or her first. How can you see a ghost? I do not want to be a ghost and haunt people or holding grudges that torture me. I want to go to heaven and have wings to fly up in the beautiful skies. I laughed at a thought of being a ghost and seeing a ghost would make me wonder why people are saying they believe in ghosts. I am trying to think why people are nuts. Why do we have ghost hunters? I think that is going too far. There is no such thing as ghosts. It is silly to think of ghosts floating around and make you feel cold when they are near. However, is it possible to have a ghost in your heart that you seem to have a difficult time of letting go? Yet it does not matter that person is alive or dead. Is it possible to hold those longings and pain of past relationships? No matter how rough life is, do you still think you can hold your love for that person forever and you believe you can never love again? Is that possible? Everyone has a ghost in their hearts but most of them has move on and forgotten the ghost from the past. I have a ghost in my heart and in my head, which is a little nutty. He is alive but I have a hard time of letting him go. Because the thing is, I am still in love with him and I feel like I could give him one more chance. Even though I think, a ghost of mine does not want me. Therefore, I held the beautiful memories and pieces of him along with me. However, I moved on day by day until I am ready to let him go. I do not think I am ready to let my ghost yet because I want to be with my ghost again and I still love him. That is why he is haunting me. Besides, I am not very good at letting things go. It was hard for me. Sometimes I cried and there are times I have to write the heartache out of my chest. Usually it would take time to let love slipped away and find new love. There are people who have a hard time letting their wonderful relationships go because they loved their love ones so much. Do you think people have a ghost that they tried to help themselves and a ghost to move on? All in once? Possibility….


firebird said...

It's so hard to let go of the memories of love...it does happen, though, when you find that the pain is still hurting you, and the only way to make it stop is to let go of the feeling. It's like an addiction, I think.
Sometimes it is scary because it feels like we can never be happy without the person we are missing.
That's not true, though--it is just temporary, like a fever.

By the way, I believe in ghosts, because I have known people who see them all the time. Including my son, and some of his friends.
I'm glad I don't see them myself.
It is sad when people become ghosts, because they have gotten lost--sometimes they don't even know they are dead.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

memory, by itself, is a ghost....

Kai C. said...


Devika said...

Ghosts -- is a concept, may not be a reality, Kai

When I read a poet who is already I feel I am talking with his/her ghost and they talk their minds to me....it might be a fantasy/hallucination....

But in real life i myself have seen ghost...few times when I was young....people laugh at me when I say that...anyway,

to me some living beings are more haunting that ghosts at times....a different topic altogether..

but I never felt uneasy with memories of love....i love to live such memories....and want my lover to be happy always

Now what made you think of ghosts, my dear??


Kai C. said...

i still don't believe in ghost....

Devika said...

I didn't say all that to convince you about the existence of ghosts, Kai

i just said what I had to say...that in no suggests you got to change your beliefs :)


krystyna said...

I don't believe in ghost and I don't want.

Have a good day!

Cynthia said...

"I have tried to write the heartache out of my heart"
Yes haven't we all.

Often it is hard to let go of
someone you loved so hard, their
face, voice and word haunt you.

Sometimes the spirit in your heart
is trying to help you move on if
you let this spirit guide you,
all things are possible.