Happy National Poetry Month to all th...

Happy National Poetry Month to all the beautiful poetesses and debonair poets
over the world. even if you are not a poetess or a poet, even you're not a poetry  reader, you can enjoy the company of words that soothes your soul like a melody. 


i hear
smooth, smooth without words
in the air
my heart dances with you
catching blues
la la da la la
thats all you hear in harlem cafes
jazzy jazz around the moon
black folks grooving
into a dream
into life
only in 1930s 


Margie said...

I do like this poem...very much, Kai!

And, I shall miss you too, but who knows maybe I'll be back.
Just not doing so great right now, healthwise and need to put my complete focus on getting better!

Take good care!



Anonymous said...

HAPPY NATIONAL POETRY MONTH to you, too, Princess Kai! :)

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Awwww love it & I know the hubby would love this one, too!

Devika said...

I love poetry, and i love yours very much Kai,dear..

how i feel like singing some of yours :)

Happy Poetry Month, Kai dear :)

to me, days start with poetry and ends with music or sometimes vice-versa :)


Kai C. said...


krystyna said...

Dear Kai, I love poetry and I have a big sentiment to your poetry. Your poetry is like a music, like a voice of heart, like a life.

Your Jazz sounds like jazz. Beautiful!

Happy National Poetry Month to You and to All Poetesses and Poets!

Kai C. said...

thank you krystyna....