my beautiful mother

my beautiful mother

my mother is beautiful

so young and caring

she smiles, her great laughter brightens my day

her silliness warms my soul

i love my mother, my beautiful mother

i always do appreciate her

she encourages me to be strong

she is my backbone

i think my mother is wonderful,

she is very supported and loving

i hope someday i could be a beautiful mother

just like her


Cynthia said...

Hi sweet Kai, I know your Mother
is an exceptionally wonderful and
loving person, simply because
I see how much love and compassion
you hold within your heart.

Devika said...

You definitely will be Kai, dear :)

and loving and caring -- you are already...how could you be not so when you become a mother?? :)

convey my love and regards to your mother too, Kai :)

i miss my mother reading your poem..will phone her :)


Kai C. said...

thank you:)

Devika said...

Happy Mothers' Day dear Kai :)

Convey my wishes to your mother, okay :)


Kai C. said...

i will.. thank you
happy mother's day to you

Devika said...

thank you so much Kai, my dear :)


firebird said...

I hope you showed this to your mother--she will be happy indeed for so much love in this poem!
Your mother must be really something special! And she is very lucky to have a daughter who appreciates her...

Kai C. said...

thank you!:)

krystyna said...

Beautiful and the best poem about Mom, your Mom, Kai!

Happy Mother's Day
and each Day to your beautiful Mom!

In my country Mother's Day is 26 May. But I thing every day is mom's day.

Kai C. said...