when you love somebody

when you love somebody

you want to be in somebody's arms

i know the feeling, the love in every soul

i want to be loved like this

love me like that


everybody needs somebody

love is a choice, you have the right to love

no one can choose for me

i could love, it is my nature

i let love come and breathe my ache away

love makes you feel high, rejoice

and happy…..


firebird said...

"Love makes you feel high"...and when we don't have that love from outside, we give ourslves a hug from the inside! Sending you lots of hugs, Kai...

Anonymous said...

Yes...I agree and think that ''love'' is the most powerful emotion there is.

Anonymous said...

Awww. :)

Kai C. said...


Kai C. said...

thank you

krystyna said...

I think that we need an unconditional love and we have to learn to love unconditionally.

Very well expressed, Kai!

Devika said...

Love makes you feel high....But most people do not know to have that...

but then when you see so suffering around...how can one rejoice in one's own life and love!