i got on a train

i got on a train


i got on a train

riding along the sky

there were fears

of where the train tilted over a bit

but Lord it wasn't

cos i got on a train

and rode in dark tunnels

above the dirty water

trees were waving their limbs hello

and towns remembered the hearts

of ordinairy people


my co-workers acted like a cute couple

i got on a train

and saw the Arlington Cemetary

men in suits


i witness families

and friends chatted among themselves


i got on a train

and thoughts came in my head

thoughts of my man

who i miss the most

yet i wish he would got on a train

with me

we would hold hands

and shared laughter

we would ride in the clouds

ride in the sun


he got on a train in my tired mind

riding alone with me

as they are no strangers

surrounding us


i got a train

with words that carry my heart

i cannot wait to write poems and short stories


i'm a poet, i'm a writer

who got on a train



Art Is Life, Life Is Art said...

WOW!!! Absolutely beautiful! :o) I love it!!

Devika said...

That was interesting Kai :)

just the Kai river flowing :)


Margie said...

This is wonderful!
Loved it, Kai!

Kai C. said...

thank u

Anonymous said...

Awwww...I love you Tinkerbell wallpaper. My daughter Becky bought the movie on DVD...it's so sweet.