51 candles

of your 51 childhood dreams

i can see you in the sky

God fulfilled them

while James brown sings with the angels

through clouds, singing, "Happy Birthday"

you sat on the moon, watching the earth

and people still sings your songs

watching you dance and dance

in your fancy shoes

a man in the mirror

how i miss you!

the world misses you so much

on august 29, i'll play your songs

or wear my t-shirt

only to represent an icon,

a black legend like you

if you are smiling down,

and sitting next to Helen Keller

Biggie Smalls, and Emily dickinson

i'll be smiling back up

with a peace sign

of my two brown fingers



Anonymous said...

What a lovely poem Kai...sad but inspirational at the same time...

Kai C. said...

thank you

Devika said...

Lovely Kai dear...i will give you company :)

And you made me happy today, you know the reason :)


Kai C. said...


Margie said...

It's such a special poem, Kai!
I really loved it!


krystyna said...

"51 candles"
I love this poem Kai...
it is the best...
I can see him in the sky too,
and the choir sining -
Happy Birthday MJ!

You know Kai....
there is perfectly.