Tinkerbell Poem8-24-09

Tinkerbell Poem

Tink told me she's in love
with Peter Pan, always stay in love with him
but he loves Wendy do,
yet she is jealous, her heart is broken
i know the feeling
when somebody  don't love somebody like that
it hurts, and love made us conceal our long faces
hide those tears that pours out of our eyes
when love aches
but Tink, she will find somebody who can take
her sweet stubbornness
and give a heart that is precious
in beautiful return
i tell her she is one fancy dainty fairy
i know
wearing her green pretty dress
wings on her back within magical golden dusk
spreading all around me
over my dreadlocks
when i think of my sweetheart and poetry as my happiest thoughts
i am flying up touch the ceiling 
and dash out of my window
i follow tinkerbell,
i saw the city and old towns from sky above
where birds look me in the eye,  
 wondering what in the world am i doing in the
they recognize Tink with such magic
we both landed upon the land of Neverland
a beautiful place where kids are lost
and never wanted to grow up
yet i thought of Michael Jackson
he would love it here
as i look around and saw an enormous old ship
that Captin Hook used to sail with his pirates
i saw mermaids splashing into the oceans
and multiple thousand bottles of written letters in the sand 
they have never been opened
it is peaceful. it is almost like Wonderland
but there was no Alice or no rabbit with the large clock that hangs around his neck
among the colorful fairies, they come to me
and sat on my fingers.
smiling so delicately
while i told them i had to get back home
and write more poetry
so Tink took back home
I asked her, "do you miss Peter?"
she shook her head sadly. yes
 when we got to my bedroom,
Tink sat on a page where
i wrote a love verse for my sweetheart
she writes on a second
page, you're lucky to have a true love
who loves you
i said, "now it's your turn to fall in love"
then my cell phone rings, it was my boo
i pick upand said, "hi babe, you don't know where i've been to......"
Suddenly Ms. Tinkerbell
has decided to disappear on me
i saw a golden glow wiggle through the clouds
from my window
she waves goodbye
and i wave back
There she went....
back in the Neverland
wondering when will she be back......


Margie said...

Loved this, Kai!


Kai C. said...

thank u

Devika said...

This is interesting Kai dear....interesting how you make poetry out of those Neverland people :)