Happy birthday to me lol


krystyna said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm wishing you.
Bright and sunny days,
His light to surround you
Helping you to find your way.

I'm wishing you.
Comfort for the nights,
Peaceful dreams so sweet
God's angels holding you tight.

I'm wishing you.
Smiles for all the tears,
Love that goes on forever
Happiness through the years.

I'm wishing you.
This and so much more,
My wishes are only prayers
That strengthens wings to soar...

Dear Kai, I'm not poetess, but I found this words explain my wishes for you.

Kai C. said...

thank you

Margie said...

Hey Sweetie
Has the party started yet?
I'm here for some cake ... LOL!

Today on your birthday ...
May you have
a song in your heart
a smile on your lips
and nothing but JOY
at your finger tips!

Happy, happy birthday, Kai.

Sending you lotsa hugs.

P.S Cyberparty at 7 tonight.
I'll be back then, ok.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One day isn't long enough for a birthday. Let's declare this your birthday WEEK and celebrate all weekend! :)

firebird said...

Late for the party, but still wish you a great birthday WEEK!
And many more--how about a birthday year? Hugs to you!