i wish i could hold your hand

i wish i could hold your hand                            8-28-09

(for robbie)


i wish i could hold your hand

i wish i could interlock your fingers between mine

that's how bad i miss you

we haven't seen each other in a while

and i have held so many hands, so many multiple ten fingers

and plenty of thoughts  of you

i am countless, i am seeing your face

again in my head

i wonder if you wish you could hold mine, too

cos of long, long days

we were busy

running around

i feel like our love is like we can't untied a hard knot

long, long nights

we dreamed and let our tears wash a thousand stars away

my heart skips a silent beat

and i could hear you softly  murmurs in my head

I love you

i feel you all around me

in every part of my heart

when we are departed, and not holdng hands,

i held my empty hand and interlock my own brown fingers

until we come back around in time

then the two of us could hold hands again




© Kai C.


Anonymous said...

Awww...this is so sweet and so sad!

Kai C. said...

thank you

ambiguous_angel said...

beautifully written..
Love it!

Margie said...

Ditto Aurora.
Loved it though!