Breast cancer

Breast cancer 7-26-09

we will battle
and fight
wearing all pinks
from our head to toe
pink ribbons float in the air
while strong women get out of bed
and smile at their love ones
mother, wife, sister, a friend
anyone would smile and live happy lives
until Lord calls on those special women to
let them know
it is time to take His hand and simply let go of 
illness, pain
women walked the streets
and donate the pure love to cure the disease
like HIV
but this is breast cancer
we don't know we have it 
still we will take care of our nipples
by eating tomatoes and checking if there are any bump
on our breasts


Margie said...

Wonderful poem, kai!
It really is!

Thank you for sharing it ....I have a sister with breast cancer.


Kai C. said...