new year's resolution12-1-09



I know it is too early to do the New year's resolution but I have goals in mind that involves my life and hope it would help  others too.



Stop being greedy for everything  (food, journals, pencils,money etc.)

Stop spending a lot of money, save up

Try to fill old journals to save money

Stop worry about regrets

Help my mom out more

Help others more

Draw pictures more

Make art more

Write short stories more

Write in my day planner

Working on a publish book

Find apartment

Read more


Try not to buy a lot of journals

Turn my music/tv/laptop down

Make another poetry book


Try to finish crotchet my journal

Stop buying stickers & mechanical pencils/pens

  Stop buying tinkerbell junk

Buy 1 or 2 songs from itunes

Buy 1 movie from itunes

Keep in touch with old friends

Not breaking up with RobbieJ

Making greeting cards more

   Try not to wait til the last min.

Try not to forget anything

Mostly importantly, Take care of myself & be happy




Anonymous said...

This IS helpful. I'm glad you posted it. I'm also glad you're going to do more art because your art is beautiful.

I didn't know you liked to crochet. I do, too.

Kai C. said...

:) thanks aa...i do like crotchet :)
lets hope and pray i could meet them, maybe most of them

Devika said...

You are so cute with your resolutions, Kai dear...Why do you break up with Robbie every time?? :)

I look forward to see/read some of your lovely art and peoms...those which you write in the best of your moods :)


Kai C. said...

because robbie messedup that's why we broke up several times... now we are together for good..(hopefully)

Devika said...