The backyard tree wave
At me again
This time I wave back
As it is losing
Some of the leaves
I like that backyard tree
Sometimes when I went outside in the backyard
I look at that big tree
Touching the sky
Without black and grey birds
Or squirrels running
There is a shade that covers
The grass
And the dirty ground
I wish I could climb that tree
So I could see the whole quiet neighborhood
I also wish my backyard tree
Could grow a lot more
A much taller
Way up to the clouds
The eclipse of the moon and the sun
So I could see all the cities like
D.C. Washington, Manhattan, Rome,
Disney World, Paris and any other places I wanna see from the way up
I wanna see traffics on a highway
I wanna see people walking and sitting on a bench
I wanna see lions play in the tropical African forest
I wanna see Japan
I wanna see Thailand
Even Canada
I wanna touch the stars, the clouds
If I'm on my backyard tree
I would sleep on the limbs
And pluck the leaves
I would take my itouch
And write poetry in the cool air
While wild larks hum in soft melodies
The backyard tree
I wouldn't live there
But I would write my life story
And dream peacefully.....

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