You understand me
In a way nobody can
You feel my heart
In my chest with the palm of your hand
You call my name
And I would have butterflies
Only you
You make me miss
Your smile
Your kiss
Your heartbeat
I've been longing
For you
And for you, my dear
The way you make my life complete
I know you're the one who
Would hold me
Love me so
Every night every day
Knowing I'm yours
I always have been
For such a long time
Even before we met
Even before we lay eyes
On each other
I knew I belong to


Anonymous said...

Hi Kai
Hope you are well. I love the poem by the way.

I am sending you a youtube link of a recent entry on ''Britain's Got Talent''.

My daughter Becky and me have been watching it every week. It's greart fun.

I know these guys aren's as good as MJ but they obviously respect him and admire him.
Have a good week-end.

Kai C. said...

thank you, ellen! <3

the video didn't show :( but i bet they are good.