i love you poem

"i love you" poem
a few little words
that express the pure emotion
& make 2 souls very whole
& you know that for sure
loving you to me means
i care for you i trust you
with all of my heart my soul
carrying your spirits in me
yet you're my world my life
a man who's a part of me
part of something i never have
& it makes me cry
i guess our love is too deep
for me to embrace.....
yet much pride is stolen
& we can see all the beautiful things in
the eyes of our own world
nobody knows the secret destiny
we both share
i grow with you daily
making me run in the blue skies
& fly high
only like a special butterfly
who have that  power
of fate
romancing around you
as you’re my prince flower
oh we connected
i love you because not only you’re mine
you are my shooting star i pray
you’re my half of me you’re also my dream
& i could love you like
you're my poetry
as i write on your deep skin
you can feel my heart beating
indeed that's what loving you means to me
so in this “i love you” poem
keep it forever in your heart
cos you might need it
when you’re feeling blue
or to remind you

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