chris (R.i.p)


He was a sweet, caring person
 I ever met
He was my best friend
Always goof up
And share smiles
I remember when he had a crush
But I just pushed him away
Into a friend zone
So many times, he denied
And we hurted each other's feelings
Then we looked at each other and
I knew he came around
We were good friends, the best of friends
I remember his eyes lit up
His laughter was congratious
He had a girlfriend name jenny
And she was always, always with him
He was cool, wonderful person
An awesome man who always give
Everyone a soda water
And always buy a big ass milkshake or a large ass slurpee
And he always bring a wallet full of cash
Just to show off and rub it in
And he was like, "oh poor baby"
We always pick on each other and give each other a high five
We looked after each other no matter what
This was chris
My best and one of the greatest friend
When I heard about his passing,
I cried, started thinking about him
I was going down to my own memory lane,
And there were the good and the bad
And we became closer as a family
He's my homie, my partner in crime
I knew when he's gone,
He doesn't have to feel no pain
Oh Chris, whereever you are,
You always remain inside my heart.....


Devika said...

three nice poems, Kai, since my last visit...lovely :)


Kai C. said...