2011 luv poem

        A New Year's Love Poem

5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
   Here comes the longest kiss
I've been waitin for
     'til midnight
I want that kiss, that new year's kiss
  it goes without sayin, "Happy New Year"
Baby if we wear our silly party hats,
Silly whistles to blow
And oh, we drink champagne
Or pepsi
    I will end up
Makin love to you around
Before 12am
While everyone celebrates, throwin confretti
    I bet we will never get wasted from
Heavy drinks
   The only drink we wanna taste
Is our sweet luv cum
    Forget the 31st the very last day of the year
I know what's my new year's resolution is
That I'm gonna be with you
There is no doubt about it
Love is unconditional
And deeply strong
I ain't go no limits
    We can start off our romantic revolution 
Between us and the whole world
With our interlocking hands rise up
Our souls are peaceful
And not battling
Let our perfect dreams pour out of us
And I will write a love poem
In the bright cold mornin
Jan 1st
After our lovemakin
Somehow past is the past,
We'll be settlin in for the future

So darlin, my boo
We won't be raisin our glass
To cheer
We will kiss and fuck for the new year's
To come

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