candy hearts

Candy hearts

Candy hearts that said "kiss me"
And "I love you"
Oh they keep fallin like pretty raindrops
They fall on me, on the palm of my hand
I think it's a sign, sign of romance
But how do I know?
They are candy hearts I believe
I never eat them
I gave them away
Miles away to you
Cos you like candy and you are sweet
So why not, my dear
Candy hearts are fallin
On you, on between your fingers
"my shooting star"
"I'm fallin in luv w/ u"
That's what the candy hearts
As they fall all over the place
Where we kiss and hug each others
Yet our own candy hearts
Are inside our chest
Beatin and exchangin
Sharin a love, the love we have found...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous poem, Princess Kai.

Kai C. said...

thank you