Talk of the town: the royal wedding

Talk of the town: the royal wedding

Talk of the town: the royal wedding
Are you going? Am I going?
Are we going?
I don't know but somebody royal
Is gettin marry
How do you get marry in a kingdom?
With somebody who's from the kings and queens?
There's the talk of the town,
On the news, on paper
Country to country
Everybody heard it
Spoke about it in every room
Through Facebook and twitter
Well I'm watchin the royal wedding
Around 5am
Over there in London
It's 10am
Oh I would never have this wedding
That big
Not bigger than the elephants
Not even larger than the whales
It's a worldwide show
Almost every American woman is
Watchin it and just dream to marry a
Handsome prince
I just dream of the love of my life
The one who's asleep at this time of the
It's too early and the sun is still risin
Yet I can't complain
Cos thats the time I kinda get up
Plus I had to woke up for a wedding
I love weddings
And yes I'm one of those American women
Who would dream a wedding so big
The beautiful event of a lifetime
However i wouldn't dreamed so royal
I wouldn't have no horses, no soldiers
No famous people
My future weddiing will be small
Filled with love ones
And maybe I may not have a wedding
At all
I just could go to a courthouse
Or Los Vegas just to get marry
And the only reason is that
I want a wedding cos
I wanna tell the world
That sexy man is standin in
Front of me
Ya he's mine, I'm his forever
Whether with the rings, or not
The rings
Even when I don't have a wedding
I still tell the world that sexy man
Right there is mine
Now that's the talk of the town
CNN will hear it, the ABCnews will speak about
We will be in the press of new New york times
Washington Post
It will be way better than royal wedding

Apr 29, 2011


Margie said...

Loved this, Kai.
Wasn't the royal wedding beautiful!

Carol said...

I am glad to see that you are still pretty in pink :)

Kai C. said...

Thank you

Carol- I missed you, how have you been?

Devika said...

loved this Kai, dear...loved the way Kai the Princess is wanting her wedding :)


Kai C. said...

Thank u