may i

May I write love all over you?

May I write love over you?
I wanna write you poems over
The arch of your back--
Please don't discriminate me,
Don't let me scare you away
Please, turn the tables around
I wanna be the chaser, without
I wanna be the chaser, and then fall
Into your arms
Cos I wanna be your woman
Who writes love all over your biceps
All over your bare chest
Tellin you my heart is nothin but
It's skips a beat
Hope you don't mind me chasin right
After you
Like runnin Towards the sunrise
Cos everybody chases for one thing
And that's love
Love don't have fears,  or no pressure
No no, I am chasin love, chasin after love
While I'm Writin love on your head to your every toe
Your brain cells to your lovin sweet soul
And just maybe, only maybe you'll have me

© Kai C.


Ekaterina Polischuk said...

wonderful emotional poem. great melody and beautiful meaning.

Kcroftus Croft said...

thank you