A new summer love

A new summer love,
I might have a feelin
Of that we could be
I'm not sure, but a feelin
Of us, that would be
Somethin I ever imagine
In the future knowin
The world would watch us
Like you have look
My way, tellin me I'm pretty
Since the red roses grow
In June, maybe our likeness
For each other will grow
Into a long stem sunflower
Bloomin the sweetness
Oh a new summer,
Butterflies everywhere
Flutterin miles away
Lovers go watchin
The fireworks, red white
Blue, rare and beautiful
Not just a single fling
You and I, we become
Another new sweet summer
Love, a bittersweet story
Oh maybe our first kisses
On each other's lips
I hope we go hand in hand
Strollin down the breeze
Over the parks listenin to the
Birds and their songs
Bees and their buzz
Drinkin fruity smoothies
Indeed, we can be each other's
New summer love....

5/21/12 (c) Kai C.

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