walk the Italy

Walk the Italy
My dear
Walk the Italy with me
Travelin through
The beautiful city
I go to the juliet's wall
Place our love notes on
Our own spot
We'll roll down in
our romantic boat
By the river under the
Bridge I'm fallin for you
Like tears fallin from God's eyes
Please walk with me
In Italy
Stroll through ancient buildings
Arts hand in hand
Baby I don't mind you
I don't mind doin Everythin with you
Especially when we're Walkin
In Italy to Paris to Egypt to
To flee away in the the north stars
I don't mind where we go, whereever we travel
As long as I'm with you
You're my honeymoon....we shall walk in Italy
Mappin around Explore and learn
New things together
Cos I wanna walk to Italy
With you

Just a walk in Italy......<3

7/24/12 (c) Kai C.

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