you serenade me

you serenade me 
your love song 
your sweet lullaby 
you serenade me 
my dear 
i adore how you sing 
the high notes
makin my heart hums
the silly harmonies 
oh you serenade me 
my  love 
you serenade me
at day and at night
like  a dream
you have me recite 
every line 
your silhouettes got me 
reachin to where you're 
and i only hear your heart 
awakens my insides
fillin with butterflies 
without your guitar
you serenade me 
you sweetly serenade me
the music of your conversations
your passionate kisses are 
the rhythm 
cos you serenade me
you forever serenade me.....
my darlin....<3 p="p">

(c) Kai C.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kai
I hope you are well. I haven't been in blogland for a while but it's my birthday today and I really felt like reading some poetry. I really like this...very open-hearted piece of writing.
God Bless