Why are you with him?

Why are you with him?
He beats you down
He gives you black eyes
What the fuck are you doin
With this bastard?
He rapes you as you please
He calls you bitch, a whore
He cheats he takes your kids away
From you
I know you love him, but he teared whole heart into billion of pieces
Oh you know better, you know
He ain't right
He ain't so right
Why are you with him?
He doesn't love you
He doesn't love you so
And if he did love you,
He wouldn't leave you
Or anythin that couldn't hurt you
But he hurt you
Next thing you know
You will be dead
So why don't you leave him?
I know it's hard
But girl you need to go.....
Before it gets worse and
You don't want bruises
You don't the abuse
Trust me
Cos nobody deserves this
Kind of pain
And you are worth of somebody's
Golden treasure
You know the gold treasure can't
Be shattered, broken
And so you're a golden treasure
You can't be torn
He shouldn't be with you
If he doesn't love you
He shouldn't
It doesn't make sense
Plus hurtin you
Killin you on the inside
It ain't love
Beatin you like a punchin bAg
Tellin you you're ugly
It ain't love
Being unfaithful
And disloyal
It ain't love honey
Makin you cry Every night
Sayin he loves you but don't mean it
It was never love at all
Woman to woman
I'm just sayin this man is the red flag
He makes you believe
That love doesn't exist
And all men are like this,
Let me tell me you somethin
Men aren't the same
They raised differently
Love is real
And one day a real man will catch
Your eye before you even know
It he's gonna do the opposite of what
The wrong man did to you....
He's gonna Love you
by showin to you
He's gonna say you're BEAUTIFUL
And treat you like a queen
He's gonna take it slow
By respectin you
By givin you some space
By being there for you
Instead of punches
He will give you lots of kisses
That makes you weak in the knee
He will dance with you
He will hold your hands
He will be faithful and loyal
Doin all the things that a wrong man
Wouldn't do.....
Yet why should you be with that
Guy? The mr. Right
You know he's got the hots for you

11/10/12 (c) Kai C.

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