I got love poems in my head

I got love poems in my head
Yes I do
The love poems in my head
A countless of them
That ain't nothin new
When I scribe my soul to you
In every verse
The whole page becomes a
Dream, takin you on a journey
Of our enchantin imagination
You see, you're the sweetest
Imagery I've ever known
You are truly the love poems
That has flown into my life
Yes indeed you are, boo
I got you as my romantic stanzas
Pencilin all over my brain
Somehow I can't get out of
My diaries no way
I can't get you out of the inkwells
Of my heart.....
You're so lyrical
You're so poetic
You're so romantic
And wonderful
Givin me all that butterflies
In my belly
In my words
Oh boo
I got love poems in my head
Because of you.....<3

(c) Kai C.

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