i think of you 

i think of you 
in paris 
i think of you 
in Italy 
i think of you
in egypt 
i think of you 
across the oceans and seas
oh i think of you 
somewhere else 
like in a garden of peacefulness 
your voice in my head
your heart is loud enough 
your bones inside my soul
i let you come inside my world
and there's never a day go by
without thinkin of you
even in poems 
i think of only you.......
over the mountains 
through the meadows 
upon the open glassed windows 
thoughts of you drift miles ahead 
where we're never be apart from 
each other sharin our mental
dreamy kisses 
i think of you, my love 
i do
forever thinkin of you 
all day 
all night 
i think of you 
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(c) Kai C.

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