The idea of a perfect man
The idea of a perfect man
He ain't perfect in the real world 
He's just perfect in our minds 
In our willy silly dreams
He ain't perfect, dear 
In the myth of our imagination
We fell in love with 
Prince charmers
Shinin knight armors
Even super heroes
Oh these men
these men do not
However there is
A man who really wanna
Be your shinin knight armor
Your prince charmer
The one who wanna love
You.....the one who don't allow himself to break your heart
I'm talkin about these men
Who is loyal faithful trustworthy
And honest
These men are difficult to find
On this earth
I heard they are the ones who are suppose to find you
Yet A woman and a man is suppose
To find each other
And real love is rare and it's out
There's no such thing as perfection
We want to be like in the movies
Where a boy can't live without a
Girl and a girl can't live without
A boy
We want our romances bloomin
And candlelit dinners
And walk on the beach
But it doesn't happen too often
Cos there ain't no such thing
As fairytales
I personally Would like to believe
Our expectations are too high
We fall too hard than we end up
With a broken heart
The idea of a perfect man doesn't
But he may be perfect for you
Cos his heart is set on yours
Especially he doesn't Like
Any of his flaws
You still think he's perfect
That's ok
He thinks you're perfect too
An idea of a perfect woman....

(c) Kai C. 5/20/13

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