conversations between kisses 

conversations between kisses 
that's what we do 
we speak in breath 
as we gently touch lips 
forgettin thoughts and everythin else
i enjoy your tongue of words
the taste of your love 
you're my chocolate flavor 
when we talk 
we give each other some sugas
in the middle of our sentences
and the moment gets hotter 
as we smooch more 
and we should do more than
touchy feely if you know what 
i mean 
conversations between kisses 
i kiss you you kissin me
this is what lovers do 
we kiss to shut each other up
in a room where it's just us and
love story 
my body is full of steam
and hot flashes 
cos of you....
whispers you tell
smoulderin i do
conversations between kisses 
passions took over
we're cravin for somethin
we're circlin around
foreplayin each other 
while time stands eternity 
our pleasures
our closeness 
our us
it's the 
conversations between kisses 
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(c) Kai C.

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