she throws all of your sorrows out the window

her heart has become a paradise with beautiful wings

only she can fly in the heaven sky

oh love is precious can u see?

one sweet smile thats all it takes

one pure joy thats all it brings

and she counts the days when she saw u

cos she wants to see u some more


passing by as there are clouds to walk on

butterflies crave in side thy human belly

to overwhelm a beautiful soul yet

love is like prey for the thirsty rain


feeling of the closeness is so real when lovers heartbeats are rarely digging in the sand of footprints

but nobody is there


so on i thought the philosophy of love is a secret key to my heart

but then whats the problem?

i wonder why the heart is breaking every single day

why does somebody dont love somebody?

when i fall, i just fall in love with u

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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