Forest Trees

Trees, originally uploaded by kai21.
very beautiful in amaze colors
one single angel falls from the precious skies
ever so green plants will soon to grow in june
oh can u see ?
this is the empty street we are guiding through
whats been silence?
whats been choas?
i only heard the paradise softly hums
my heart disguise from u
cos coyness shines upon the reflection of your eyes
the pure dreams wont flee and thoughts kept chasing after the rainstorms
today i will see the moutain standing in the white clouds
took a flight in sweet heaven when u touch my hand
mercy upon your lips with delight bliss
u tell me is this real or am i having an illusion?
just cos
im blushing
im breathing
oh inside my soul im screaming for u
when i think of u, everything has its own beauty divine

black shades of a lovely darkness
underneath the forest trees where im all alone
being without u, i would cry
copyright © 2005 kai croft

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