fireworks in the sky

fireworks in the sky

red white blue

the American colors

of 4th of july

and other colors like





must dissolved the light in black shadow

explosions cracked before i even knew

from my bedroom window

i hear it before the day comes


u might kiss me

underneath the fireworks in the sky


they are like

the shooting stars

that speed upon velvet rays


i want to kiss u

underneath the fireworks in the sky

yet i wonder

if u were right here with me

i would embrace my tongue and not say anything at all

cos my shyness gleams through your eyes


constellations have given the darkness of the sweet desire

glittering upon the fireflies always glistening on the flowers

while i dream

of u kissing me

underneath the fireworks in the sky

oh in an illusion

u and i sat on a hill

the huge moonlight paints the nightingale heavens

all around us

and we saw all the pretty rainbow lit up so high

its beautiful


how everything glows

love is pacing

angels above my head

the feeling inside is walking on the black clouds

where i’ve been sinking in your peace

yet kissing u

underneath the fireworks in the sky

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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