those are my thoughts

my words spoke in flee
like perfect winds
flowing upon the grass
oh to write in the blue sky
while i sat on the rainbow of meadows
imagery of sweet love creates the constellation
in my darkness
yet driven through the halls as
i hear u in an hourglass of
clearview heavens
yet i think im better off with my own imagination

those are my thoughts
they become my poems
my very own songs

words are spoken louder and very clear
into the notebook pages of thousand love stories
telling a fairy tale that lasted forever
oh angels flew above me

and im thinkin in my own space
but there aint no vision around here
so i lied down on my bed
to dream of u once again

u stand in the golden fire
gleaming through the darkness
where i couldn't see
your soul is hidden though
u wait for a minute to realize
the moment is full of sweet nothings
like i can hear your voice drowning in silence

those are my thoughts
my poetic entry
my mind
my heart
my body and soul

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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