hes desperately in love with me
i dont stand a chance to give u all of my trust
cos i know when i give him all of my life
he'll steal everything away from me
like all heartbreakers would do

but how do i know when hes not fooling with me?
he says he wanna be with me forever
should i believe him or not?
the choice i fear is overrated
i mean its overwhelming my head than my heart

i dont think i never knew him well
guess i give him butterflies inside
thats my gift is in his hands
the butterflies of love is all around him
i only took his breath away

give him something real
like the beautiful satifactIon
oh he likes the way i gave him my pleasures
my intimacy is accompany his presence
for a while, hes echoing on Jesus

hes telling him he wants me so bad
but Lord please?
im afraid of him
never knew why i should accept his life to me
he told me he'll always be there for me

he'll be there whenever i fall
catching me with his open arms
but should i trust him?
trust him with all my body and soul?
if i give him my love he'll have to be careful

i bet he thinks whenever im here
its like heaven's walking in to his eyes
he looks at me as im his angel
why the sun guiding through his darkness
every moment i came to him

he blushes when i said the kind things to him
im always flattered as he touch my hand
yet his wishes are in the constellations
dreaming he could hold me all through the night
while he whispers "i love u" into my ears

its obivous that he thinks of me constantly
he found the possession in me
oh this man want to be part of my life
but still i dont know if i ever should keep him on my side
i have a doubt that we never gonna be who we are

he believes this is fate
amd i critize the way he falls for me
cos he always asked me for my love
i said i cant give him my love
he might throw my love away

he told me he promise he never harm my love
yet he'll cherish my life
oh he'll share every bit of himself to me
he wanna be mine forever

told me not to worry
hes gonna take care of everything
always calling me darling
yet he pray for me
and i guess hes loving me that much

then why does he come to me
prove me wrong
i asked him "what do u know about love?"
he said "whenever i see u, my heart is bleeding too death"
and then he softly rub my cheek

oh i melt away
stars in his eyes
spakrle up in mine
he took my hand
asking me to come away with him

i said yes
we went into a resonating milky way
floating across the evening sky
this is a dream
cannot be so real

just a fairy tale
i feel his weakness in my strength
God knows love is perfect
if we only give it a chance
only a chance that this man is meant for me

i knew my heart is full of fears
being afraid of misery
i have told myself that i wont fall in love ever again
somehow falling in love is another mistake
and waste of time to be in somebody's life if a person doesn't love u in return

but not this guy
hes not playing games with my soul
yes hes so sentimal
only wonder if he talk to the moon as its rising
cos i know sometimes when a lonely lover sits on a hill

its talk to the moon
how love fills the air
when the heart see the truth of beauty
and hes so bless to see me at the moment
he cant get enough of me

he smiles
he hold me in his arms
told me he won't let me go
and when the sun glimmers on his face
i just knew he loves me

wont hurt a fly if he feels what he feeling inside
all the angels gave the sweetest offer to him
they gave the grace of mercy as he dance with me
drowning in the beautiful silhoutttes
oh i just knew he loves me that much

like a shining armor
like a handsome prince of romeo
always sitting on the tree branch
in front of a white balcony
spying on a beauty when shes never know hes there

hes in love with me
so in love with me
while the river swims through the bridge
and i know someday he'll marry me
he see the future with me

spending all of his life with me…………………………………………………..

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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