woman time

woman time

my room



washing up my body

the only thing i can think of is u

sister in law

two nieces




cheese soup

yet im falling through fear of caution

shopping center

brought a brown skirt

a cute top

kinda flirty

wish u can see me with my nice outfit

before hand

i talk to u

far away land

my secret lover

telling u my fantasy

oh im blushing

felt the wind on my neck

lightening in the corner of my eye

fruit in my mouth

tastes so sweet

watching sex and the city on hbo

i have my laptop in front of me

im just like carrie from sex and the city

shes always writing about whats going on with men and manhattan

and me im writing poetry about love

yes love love love

im gonna be one of those famous women who write love poetry

one of those romantic poets who touches warm souls

and yet this is my woman time

im upstairs

wondering about u

cos i miss u so

the window is open

summer breeze is coming in

and i saw the rain on the driveway

dreaming of u here with me

so i can get away from the noises

cos sometimes it drove me crazy

and the hours i spent with the kids pouting

this sunday has become annoying

but then

im here in my room

need to change the song

now its better

i like this song called Iris by goo goo doll

from the movie side track

city of angels

oh it so beautiful

when i think we are the city of angels

cos we came from heaven above

yet we hold each other in our spirit

how precious can love be

when the moment carry our intimacies everywhere with us

especially when we were naked in the wildest imagination

u became part of my woman time

sharing little piece of my life to u

copyright © 2005 kai croft

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