Another harvest moon

Another harvest moon

Another harvest moon
Up in to violet skies
So bright as tan light

My family drove down to
The traffic jam
During the evening

And we got home
Around the 6:45pm

Some how
It’s a nippy outside
When I meet the stars
There are none

So I already know
This night looks like
Early dark morning

Just another harvest moon
In another moment

Tears fall from Jesus blue eyes
He have seen the depression in everyone’s breath
The wounds of our hearts are breaking in every each day

God floats in a white house
Drinking every inch of a drop that rolls from thy brown eye

Pain is contagious
It hurts me too


We have to be

Just like

A harvest moon

We cant be weak

As a

Autumn leaf


We are still walking in the miles of October

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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