the knight and his lady

the knight and his lady

imaginery of clouds
rolling above God's head
as he looked down

saw a little cute couple

the kinght and his lady

such a beautiful lovers

walking down the garden park
where all the flowers bloom into an orange sun

oh like only one rainbow
is gleaming from the religious stars

the wholeness
its the rare feeling in the world


love's pacing around the surface

the knight touches her soul
within more than just words

its how he pampers her with his heart

his toxication weakens her thighs

as she falls from the blue sky

yet he whispers

to her ears like fairy tales' song

and he said

"i notice the tickling moons in ur dark brown eyes
very dazzling upon my reflection
oh my beautiful lady
ur blushing cheeks attracts me even more
i must know in my heart
that i can't live without u
a lover from the sweetest utopias
u have been influencing me
yet im in love but love is young it never learn a thing
even though ur just right for me and i have memorize the stars are shinig down on ur complexion"

her soft cheeks
will they ever stop turning red underneath the night glow?
taking one last breath
while she saw him standing right next to her

she speaks wisely

as the shooting stars goes flashing through the black clouds

oh she said,

"oh my dear, love is never young
ur too young to learn such thing
i am too. its the experience of growth that gets us by
through happiness and melancholy
and yet u have influence me too
better yet
GOD has influenced us to be so in love"

he wrapped his arms around her
and then kissed her
while the heavy breeze is overrated
in horizon

after a bittersweet moment

the knight and his lady
sat on the green grass
watching the shooting star flying around the romantic planet of jupiter
it guides through knowledge of true love


how so beautiful when an angel sighs in clouded dusts

fireflies lit up the golden dreams

like they see

romance fills the air

but the realness cause their souls to be very whole

GOD could see

the knight and his lady

are the most precious creatures that he created

he knew there's such fate between them

cos he gave them love like adam and eve

yet love is worth of hoping to find the right good heart of the mortal
never give up and have doubts on love

when it comes to love
theres no need to rush
settle down and take a slow time to realize

love is only love that came from heaven and hell

when the knight met his lady
he knew in his heart
he never leaves right by her side
he stayed with her for the rest of the million years

thats how love taught him

lesson of great passion overwhelms his soul cos of her

yet he had learn the hard way

he adores his lady too much

he'll do anything for her

he'll marry her one of these days

he would always take care of her

and thats real love

GOD could see it in his eyes

more prayers that need to be answer
more glories that need to be capture

his love for her is forever.............

the knight and his lady.............

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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