I look at the stars

I look at the stars of beauty glowing from the innocence
Sweet night’s pacing around the clock
And all I can see another illusion of u

Black clouds wasted the falling dew
A little bit of misery wont kill me for too long
Cos I’m strong as the perfect sky

Oh time changes
Like colors of an autumn leaf

Sooner later

It gonna get colder
In the winter

No blooming in flowers of spring
Til the month of a romantic may

Yet I have my own summer
During the snowdays with some hot cocoa

When u were on my mind on a frozen season like winter
U keep me warm in the love’s burning fire

Autumn winds are very cold
Its started become winter

All the trees are dead
And snow will slightly fall too soon

Next thing u know

Its going to be a very long January


winter used to come to my house
and freeze me

theres no reason i
should be cold
even when im getting warmer

yet no destiny of burning fire

just great

now im sleeping underneath the light

Rain tapping
Tapping to my window
A melody is on the ground

All day long
Pain is calling my name

As I’m belonging for my regrets

The shame of my existence

Like million pieces of the heart is breaking


God Chariot

He rides
He rides
And make the wish come true

If u pray in the sky
Ur theory will be real


There is the heart to believe

All stars has thousand –zillion dreams

Oh yet

He rides
He rides
And drop all the miracles down in a wishing well

Like brown pennies


The sun burns in morning glow
The moon freezes in nightingale rain

No love letter
No sitting at the window
No one lying in bed patiently echoing a lover’s name

Everything looks dead

He rides
He rides
And destroy all the melancholy

In his heaven
Angels works the creation of twilight
He told them to come down to earth as guardians

He said, “send my children an important message, listen to their heart and believe something good would come along”:

Angels said “ok we’ll do that my Lord”

So they did

With their wings of flight

Flew down to earth and told what God has said

The children were glee as they hear the spirits’ arrival

Open ears of their little souls, the feeling of wholeness is strong

After the moment

Children smiles and wave good bye to all angels


He rides
He rides
On his chariot

Floating upon the silvery white clouds

He took his son
Jesus Christ

Went around the ocean
Drinking some fresh water

And fly to the sky

Closed the thunder clouds and make it rain harder to drown the pain

He blows a thousand cold winds


Jesus pace in the darkness

Wondering why my brothers and sisters have to cry

He sings another song of wisdom
His words are floating upon the breeze

He sang:

“it is grace
it is holy
faith is here
surrounding by the beautiful things that is across the path of the land

u can feel me
u can feel me

feel me in your heart

like gospel spirit

I’ll touch your hand for the suffocating wounds
I’ll embrace u in my arms for your cold soul
I’ll love you ‘til eternity went on

Your Son of Jesus Christ”

The whole world heard him praise with a worship song

People over the foreign countries, even United States


Cheer, laugh, cry.

And then

Pray for one single satisfaction

Oh God

He rides
He rides
On his chariot

He went to an open street way
Avoiding the traffic jam

The blinded rich souls were
Struggling to get a vision of beauty in the blackest days
For a while
They pray every night

God could hear their voices
He carry the prayers in his hands
Gently balling like clay
With his creation

He turned them into million of dusts,
Spreading every humans’ hearts

Until tomorrow
They’ll find miracles in front of their eyes


He rides
He rides
Rides in the universal of milky ways and the galaxy of lights

Those lights are turning on in the dark
As humans could see

Thousand constellations in his atmosphere

And ever since

He rode
He rode
In his chariot

God chariot

He found an inner gold in the horse blue eye
He feel the wind underneath his gray hair
He tastes the bittersweet season of summer

Yet for mortals’ eyes
He’s neither female nor male


A leader to all of the beautiful religions
A leader to all of the passions
A leader to all of the mortals’ lives


He loves all of us
Every bit of us

That’s why

He rides
He rides
Pacing the glass of earth

Mercy of his mouth
Opening up his soul
As he preach us about love not hate…

Preciously sings a lullaby
To all of his beloved children

He rides
He rides
In the miles of the road

Where the journey always continues

And so on

He’s watching me and u from the sky’s above

In his chariot
Chariot of the worlds
That he created for his shelter of dreams and hopes
For us to believe in

Next to his kingdom within flower image of beauty

Some how

A newborn rainbow is dissolving in the white clouds

God’s a king
Mother Nature’s a queen

Living in the edge of oceans, lands, mountains…
All over the places

For a fact

I know he created 2 thy humans
Falling in love ‘til forever

Deeply in love ‘til forever


God’s carry this pure love
In the sack of his heart

Floating around the pale blue sky


He’s bringing the happiness to our eyes…….

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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