my messenger

do u hear my heart drumming through the rythmn of a bittersweet poem?
do u read my mind where my obviousness 's speaking?
i may be wonder why my thoughts are filled with toxication
after all im awaiting for the sun to shine in my world forever

cos i've been wishing a thousand times even million of times
only to find u my love
u in my life lighten my glow

and if that star was not like all northern stars
then here comes my luck going down to the gutter
but i wont give up searching for u

ur the fate in my dark brown eyes
destiny crumble up the chains every moment i feel ur presence near me
this is a sign that i might be ur lady

a chance to grow in the quality of love


God knows i believe in soulmates

like there's a meaning of why they are suppose to be together

i think in the bottom of my soul im meant for u

oh well im sitting here writing this poem and thinking of u
hope ur thinking of me too

with my words came from my tiny fingertips as my heart goes on bleeding the blood out of me
fori im being selfishly in vain


im wanting u so
so bad
that wounds keep on overflowing inside my childish body

and sinking for the touch of ur hand
mercy of ur spirit
as u linger everywhere i pace

maybe heaven's singing the glee
u keep praying the dreamof realness

during the night
i embrace u here with me

in my room
im sending my own love to u

whoever u are

i'll love u eternity

when i meet u
i'lll know u too quickly

i only wish i can send an angel to fly down and deliver my heart and soul
she'll be my messenger
going back to each house

oh sometimes faraway is wondrous

only cos a lover is sending sweet words to a love one
and a love one is sending back to a love

like a precious cupid deliver a love letter going back and forth

especially in the horizon of the moon

im somebody's looking for u out there soemwhere in a place where u cannot seen at all
im somebody whos loves for u

and i wont care what everybody thinks of u

i can reach out for ur warm-hearted soul

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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