A nothing poem

A nothing poem

Lazy as I am
Didn’t do a damn thing today
Cos I don’t feel like doing anything

And doing nothing is so ordinary

What do I do now?
Moments pace away

Some how
I ended up writing a love poem

About love as usual

Love has its own presence

Its everywhere I breathe

Oh I look at love for my escape from pain

It’s a deeper word that I cant explain

Like just another reality check

Its so unconditionally

Its nothing more than anything in the world

It fills with amazing passion

Only to make my heart goes whole

And if I have a wonderful man with a beautiful soul
Who can love me for me

Then life will not be that dull

Cos I saw the sweetest aspect of love that is so very true
And when its so very true

It can bring tears to my eyes

And people want love that is so true

That kind of love is from GOD

GOD has his own way of showing love by putting it in the stranger who is that faithful

Yet its powerful
But its hard to find this kind of love on earth

Its hidden
In the blue skies
In thousand meadows
It could be anywhere

I just gotta follow my heart
One beat at a time

Oh I thought for a moment


Naturally, why?

Just why?

Why L-O-V-E?

I mean

Why do we have that word?

That all time famous vocabulary word

Which makes us feel fuzzy and warm inside

And use it in a precious sentence

I love you.

I’m just asking why


As I’m thinking
My bedroom seems so peaceful
But a voice inside is speaking out loud

Saying things that I couldn’t hear

If I listen really hard
Then I’ll probably do what my guts tells me to do

Yet this is a poem
A nothing poem also as a love poem

Its by me

The poet who just sat her daybed
Typing up her soul out on word document
Sound of my fingertapping on the keyboard
Obliging myself from my own boredom

My thoughts are in the dark
Its nighttime
And im playing music on the radio

Songs about love
It made me think of that man I really adore


He doesn’t know my attraction for him exist

So what am I going to do?

I wanna see him again

He got this thing that is attracted to me

And I don’t know why

Its crazy

Crazy when I hardly know him


Lazy as I am
Thinking of him
Makes my world spin

In this solitude
I lied down
Simply daydreaming of

Being his little girlfriend

Oh that will be real nice

Ok I’m blushing
I need to stop

Its that thing he has
I can’t explain it

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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