Another nothing poem (as in part 2)

Another nothing poem (as in part 2)

I wake up early
Stay up late
As my room is full of relaxation

But my heart is restless

So I’m speaking

Of this entry

Called another poem

This another poem has over 500 rhythms

Flowing into sound of an enthusiastic drum

Like casting white clouds with many sweet thoughts

Yet I wonder

How obvious would that be if I only think nothing but sweet thoughts?

One chance if I let my face glowing so red again

Then maybe

I’ll become the natural beauty

Who just longing to be with the person I love

I keep on thinking
About having someone that I want to spend my life with

As an old saying goes

Anything is possible

Of course

I got to believe

Theres someone in a different place
Who just want to be with me too

Oh when are we going to meet?

Soon one day


Why so soon?

I’ve been waiting on true love for that long

And I am never too young nor old

To be feeling the experience of the realness

Cos love is a natural thing and people can learn a lesson from it

Especially when the hearts are very broken
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copyright ©2005 kai croft

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