For the rest of my day

For the rest of my day

For the rest of my day
I blossom to the sun
And drove down to the highway

So I could race through the ray of evening skies
Looking like pink rain clouds of morning’s beauty

Oh in my dark brown eyes
I saw the landscape turning into a sweet nightingale
An autumn breeze is drifting off to nowhere

While I went straight to the road
Like I’m going for the hill
Cos there is one single moment

I thought of that gorgeous man

Who just became another memory
Which I only reminisce his presence
Little afar from me

As we were spoken at peace

Yet I shook his hand with pleasures

And questioning me in wonder


Conversation had over flown

Our eyes are gazed to meet

This kind of connection

I called it heaven

Oh yes,
I remember
How I flushed through all my pacing
After meeting him

For the rest of my older days
Are the days were so unforgettable
When hes a blessing from the sunshine
I was satisfaction of the moon

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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