When I love a man

When I love a man

When I love a man
I tell the whole world
Never keep my mouth shut
Cos I feel like I wanna say it
And being so proud…………

But he doesn’t know how I feel
Unless there are rumors spreading the secret
Oh then I’ll be red on the face if he only finds out

Though is it obvious for him to see
I glow whenever he approached me? or
Maybe I smile mostly at him not anyone else

Yet he still doesn’t know how I feel
He comes around
My coyness pace everywhere

The emotion stirred inside my soul
Its funny how natural the attraction becomes
I never know what I do next

Weakness in my knees
I couldn’t get myself together
Only cos hes there smiling at me

Oh this is crazy
Like the rain falls in the morning light

Hes on my mind
As I write a poem
Flowing on paper

Utopia echoes inside my heart
Reminiscing his name

When I do love a man
I’ll love him til end of my rose…….

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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