Poetstress of the clouds

Poetstress of the clouds

Ur running away, how are u going to get back?
Ur falling down, how are u going to get back up?
Ur hiding in the dark, how are u going to see the light?

Cos I’m worry that ur gonna end up on solid ground.
Why are u saying nobody loves u?
Baby, look at me hold my hand

Just cos
I’ll make the sun shimmers in ur eyes
I’ll make the grass is more greener
I’ll make the fireflies glow in the night
If u only come and be mine

Do u believe me?
Its obvious to realize im blushing right in front of ur face
But my heart’s singing in thousand chimes

Would u see my poems written in the sky?
They are for u to read my soul
Its echoes ur name out loud

Boy, just listen to me
Im the poetstress of the clouds
I came down to earth to be with u
Like an angel’s coming from heaven

Trust me,
I know everything that love has to offer
Its all the things u wish on a shooting star
If I’m with u now, there’s no need of solitude anymore

Yet its hope for us to be together

Please let me show u
Love is so real
It’s the feeling that u cannot hardly live without

So give me a chance…..

I wanna be ur lady…………..

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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