Truth about love

Truth about love

People say love is dangerous
Cos when u rush into things
Ur heart will eventually break
Trust me, I know
Love don’t always comes that easy

U expect something real
But somehow everything u ever dream of
Had fades away

U depend on love
To be right on time
Cos maybe its too late
Or its not coming at all

Love is not ready to be real with u yet
Ur not ready for love either
So why are u complaining that ur all alone?

Fool, u aint happy with urself
U want someone’s giving u all the satisfaction
When u can’t find ur own

Listen to me my dear fool,

Ur living in a hell of a place called reality
There are no whatsoever fairy tales

Take a look around u
An unpleasant life
As we said its not fair

But there’s still hopes and dreams
That u wanted to come true

Never give up
And love urself

If u don’t,
Then who’s gonna love u?

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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