My doll house

My doll house

Lead me away to ur shoes my love
I’m following the burning fire
Cos of u
My heart’s tapping like drumming raindrops

Another rainbow is shining in the cloudy sky
Why don’t u see?
Everything’s meant to be

If ur soul came from GOD
I’ll never stop loving u

Yet thousand rooms are empty
But I kept my secrets away from u

Cos I want u to keep on guessing how I feel

It’s a sweet game that u need to play

And u know its obvious if u look at me

Maybe I should tell u straight up

Oh though

I disguise myself in a shelter of my doll house
Where my poems are written everywhere

On each plastic windows

The brown bricks

Had build up a sanctuary palace

Filling up with sweet dusts of wishes

Only to make them real

Oh if u find the key to my doll house
I’ll be blushing right through ur eyes

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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