A little girls room

A little girl’s room

Babydolls are everywhere
On the wooden floor

Teacup set is sitting on the tiny table
With two way chairs

Next to the painting wall
There is bookcase of fairy tales

Adorable teddy bear sat by the window
Looking at the brilliant sun

Oh a princess bed stands next to another wall
Its has poetry in Black Hand written over it

A closet with full of secrets where
nobody knows her own shadow

Pink ballet shoes were hidden in the shoebox
Her beautiful dresses are hung on the hanger stick

During the morn
butterflies would come in and accompany her

During the night
fireflies would come in and lighten her hazel eyes

many seasons went by
thousand years are gone
this little girl’s room
lingered in the dark ages

its cold and fragile
fill with spider webs

yet death

the little girl passes away
she has left her room so empty
but everything remain the same

it never change……….. the life it use to be

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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