my poems about the pleasure and pain

my poems about the pleasure and pain

don’t let his passion fool u

don’t let his passion fool u
he might tell a lot of fibs
and make u feel so insecure

think about ur heart before u love him
let ur very own soul explain how u feel
u can’t just go falling for him without listening to ur guts

know him a little bit better
be his friend first
before u get too involve with him

cos if u don’t have a friendship with him
ur gonna end up with a broken heart

so don’t let his passion fool u

be careful with love
its too strong and empowering
sometimes it can’t last forever

oh u may need to survive ur self
before the man of ur dreams
comes knocking at ur door

u need to understand there ain’t no
such thing as a prince charming who fights the dragon
and rescue u in the night’s darkness

or a white knight standing at the balcony
with bunch of red roses in his hands
and ask u to be his beautiful bride

its only happens in the books of fairy tales
u only wish u were Cinderella with a glass slipper
u could be that lucky ………………..

but in a reality
u had to find ur own happy endings
a golden heart is the secret treasure
u gotta search for

and u know
happily ever after don’t always end up with men
they end up with great life

so im telling u
don’t let his passion fool u

if u do,
he’ll get u under his magic spell
and ur gonna wound up misery

cos he doesn’t love u the way u love him

my suggestion is
be prepare to control ur emotions
how u feel is very shanty

i know ur attracted to him
u see all the things that u want in a man
those mysterious things that makes ur knees weak

the way he smile
the way he spoke
the way he walk

u can’t deny the feeling
he’s giving u
but im warning u

just in case
he breaks ur heart

don’t let his passion fool u


unwritten pages

unwritten pages
of my diary entries
just empty words
of soul
has over flow the silence
oh I save them for another year
to write

a savior of poems I yet to make
the sunshine burns my room
once again
I look at my shadow
Proudly to be a poet in the universal

And with heart’s desire
Growing like a bloom of flowers
When my mind is too strong with many bittersweet thoughts
I keep wondering if I listen to a voice or a melody

Cos I wanna hear the sound of my own guts

And ever since

Unwritten pages
They are starving for the taste of my sweetest words
I need to feed them every bit of my satisfaction

I want u

I want u
There ain’t nobody else in the world
But u
U r the real man who can lighten my darkness
Oh do u see?
My heart is drowning in ur tears

Pounding through the drops of reminisce
I remember how precious u r
When u touch my hand

I knew
Im gonna try to make u all mine

I want u very badly
I got to have u right by my side

Give me a chance
I be ur little girl

copyright ©2005 kai croft

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