a broken cloud

a broken cloud

i'm wasting another light for u
i'm always trying to erase my tears just to move on
but u keep spoiling me with sweetest love

oh i must go
i must leave
cos i'm tired of that broken cloud inside my heart
a broken cloud have been lingered in my heart
it makes me cry it makes me hear the cold storms

somehow i wonder
if i go up the north road
i could get closer to heaven
i could get closer to u
though i couldn't
just cos
million miles makes the lands and oceans seems so far away
longest distance have made us  seperated
and even though
i can dream
i can dream of u love

i find myself reaching for ur hand
looking for ur face in the crowded mist
i saw u very clear
then i lost u
lost u out of my sight

i went back to my own reality
yet there's still a broken cloud in my soul
i could pour all the rain on ur beautiful ground

oh say i won't
i will
i will pour all the rain on ur beautiful garden

i will grow in this lovely flower
i will beneath the green grass

when after u leave me, i will shine in my own rainbow  
oh when after u leave me, there be no broken cloud anymore

copyright  © 2006 kai croft

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

helo kai
ur neice= o my
hope she aint shy
to be fly
and open the zip y?
coz its ur niece kai
then after dat bi bi