in the minutes of the sun

in the minutes of the sun

i'm burning my tears for u
i'm flashing a smile
oh u never know what my love takes u

until u give ur heart a try

u don't even need to be afraid of me
ur not shy to hold my hand
i also give u butterflies inside

so tell me did i save u from the disaster?
it ain't easy to learn ur mistakes sometimes
but u manage them very well

like a strong man
u have wings to fly away
towards the blue sky
a blue sky of encouragement
that leads ur feet to heaven

ur an angel
in dark brown eyes of mine
i vision myself
where ur standing

standing upon ur shadow
as i look at u
time quickly passed
and the daylight is still glowing in the summer's evening

oh i saw the clock strikes around 6pm
now my heart is ticking in the minutes of the sun
in the minutes of the sun
i'm shining through ur gorgeous black pupils

i can't let u be in the eclipse of my beautiful darkness
i can't let u be in the innocent of my warmth reveries

i want u
i want to kiss u
in the minutes of the sun

its strange to feel this way
like a moment when i driven down the road and catched the butterflies

ur standing in the minutes of the sun
watching all of ur sorrows go overcastting the melancholy heaven
oh ur watching me dancing around like a little dark child


i'm still burning my tears away for u
i keep flashing a smile
oh u never ever knew what my love takes u

until u realize ur life is in my hands

i knew u have traveled around the world
seaching for chances
and now u have them, what are u going to do?
what are u going to do when a beautiful lady is standing at ur doorway?
would u give the chances to her?

somehow the beating of my heart ticks on the southern clock
it strikes around 12an and i'm feeling bitter
my love echoes through the voices of guardian angels
they've been spoken in the minutes of the sun

i got lonely
with music's on
ur so grooving in my head

u never borrow my lies
i never borrow ur innocent
just cos we are the unknown lovers

as i drove upon this ordinary road with u
i never know what we've become

but i follow the tracks of mine
finally recognize the clock on the building
there are 60 modern minutes
as i watched the big hand hits
still midnight
at the moment
i'm waiting for the sun rises the golden morning
i'm waiting for u to wake up and face the fact i love u

i love u
i love u in the minutes of the sun

please give all of ur chances to me
i won't throw them away
i will prove everything that my heart has to offer

oh i'm at ur doorway
and u saw that piece of sunlight glances through ur window
i took the other piece of sunlight
i put it in my brown skin
put it in u

and then

i finally know what we've become

we've become in the minutes of the sun

u carry me in ur arms
to a milky way lane in the bluest sky
we are closer to heaven

now i see the clouds open
u walked towards the light
i face the glistening on my complexion

yet we saw GOD
and he says
"love burns
it shines
i knew ya'll in the minutes of the sun
i created ya'll for life to glow on every mortal
now here's ur wings
and ya'll could fly away

the pillow clouds closed behind us
and we poured our tears onto the earth
oh we watched the mayflower spring grows

i look at u
i'm growing with wings
i'm growing my hair in the color of gray

u look at me
ur growing with wings
ur hair has turned to gray too

now u said i'm so beautiful
and took my hand
we flew around the sun
without knowing our love is not a stranger to us anymore

oh GOD knew
what we have become

the minutes of the sun......................

copyright ©2006 kai croft


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dat was touching Kai

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