my visit to mr haydon's class

my visit to mr. haydon's class

a few students
plus mr. haydon
greeting me as i enter the room
with kind words of "hellos"
          and "how are u's "
i nodded yes but didn't speak
yet silent at the moment
no reason explain why
but i did say a few words for
a few seconds later
when mr.haydon asked me if he can read one of my poems
out loud to his students
and i said i didn't mind
so i was pleased and suddenly honor
to let him read my poem in front of his class

the poem i wrote was called
cotton clouds

     after he read,
all of his  students clapped for me
and my poem...

then one of the students
     asked me
how old am i,
i said  21
the  students  said they didn't understand me
mr. haydon had this idea
he said,
"to raise ur hand to guess kai's age"

one said, 35
the other one said, 29
then mr. haydon said, 21
and i said yes-
i'm 21 years old

and yeah
the conversations were very friendly
oh while the kindness throws in the air
my cell phone rang and rang
but i didn't bother to pick it up
cos at first,
i thought some crazy person
calling me
and that i was really busy

after my staying a little while,
it was time for me to leave
time to say goodbye

     as i almost enter
       way out of the door
i looked at the students and smile
i looked at mr. haydon and says
     "thank u for coming to my class
     u should come over any time
     this is not a one time thing"
or something he said
i just don't remember

     but i do remember this,
i looked at mr.haydon one more time
he gave me a kiss on the forehead
and the students was like awwww

then i said goodbye

the door shut

and i was on my way back to the library

oh i smile for the rest of the day

oopyright © 2006 kai croft

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